is a free anonymous cloud based file uploader and link shortener service for ShareX and similar screen capturing platforms, with a variety of custom vanity domains to choose from.

Always online is never down, period. You can rest assured that your files can be accessed 24/7/365.

Fast API

Our image uploader is optimized for the fastest possible upload time!


Check out our API documentation to learn how to work with

Always Organized lets you create collections, you can upload images to collections, and view them later by going to that collection's URL!

All the files supports the following file types: png, jpg, jpeg, gif, ico, bmp, tif, tiff, webm.
And the maximum file size is 95MB, so upload away!

Highly anonymous does not require a registration, and uploaded files are not indexed by search engines, only people with your file's link will be able to see it.



File views:






Storage space used:

776 GB

Basics of uploading a file (Full documentation)



Parameter Description Optional Default
image Binary file. The image you want to upload, up to 95 MB in size. No None
token String. The upload token for the sub domain that's being used, if one required. Yes None
og_properties JSON. If present, this JSON array will configure the OpenGraph properties of the file's page, effectively changing the way it embeds in various websites and apps.

JSON object parameters:
color - sets the theme-color tag, useful to change the embed color in a Discord embed.
description - changes the og:description tag.
title - changes the og:title tag.
discord_hide_url - if true, discord will hide the file's URL and display only the image in chat, otherwise the file's URL will also be shown.

    "title":"Some title",
    "description":"A cool description!",
    "discord_hide_url": false
And this is how it looks in Discord.
Yes None




                        og_properties={"color":"#7289DA","title":"Some title","description":"A cool description!"}
                        [email protected]/to/local/file



Response JSON Params

Parameter Type Description
url String The URL to the uploaded file
del_url String The deletion URL for this image, opening this link will delete the image with no confirmation!
thumb String The thumbnail URL to this image (will only be present if file is PNG, JPEG, GIF or WEBM).